Hear From My Clients

We can’t recommend Penelope and her team enough! Penelope guided us through the entire process, from loan prequalification to searching for houses, to making the offer and closing the deal, all the usual things. But she is so much more than just the usual and adds a level of value and knowledge above and beyond anything we could have ever hoped for. Thanks to Penelope, we saved at least $30,000 on our home loan as she guided us into a program we didn’t even know existed, as well as another $20,000 off the purchase price of our home through her knowledge, negotiation and real estate business skills. A total savings of $50,000 dollars all thanks to using the right agent! We cannot begin to put a value on everything she did for us and the support we received during the entire process. She wasn’t just our real estate agent she was an integral part of our experience and became part of our family and team. She helped make our dream come true.
Amy and Glenn Miller (2 transactions) ~ Referred from an Existing Client
Saturday, June 1, 2019
We think she is absolutely terrific at what she does and recommend her without reservation. Penelope organized our sale preparation and selling process meticulously and supervised it closely. Everything ran on time, everything looked great, and the costs were under budget. When it came time to price and market our home, she took us through a very detailed comparative market analysis that took into account the size, noise, specific geographic location and timing of other sales in the Willows. She was sensitive to incremental pricing differences and focused on getting the best price she could for us as opposed to just trying to close a sale. She used a very effective “product release” marketing approach, opening our house in a closely spaced series of open houses when everything was perfect and ready for viewing. She followed up with every agent or possible buyer who visited. Her hard work generated multiple offers on our house less than two weeks after it went on the market.
Bob and Susie Morse ~ Sellers
Thursday, March 7, 2019
It’s not every day that you meet someone you trust enough to hand over the keys to your home when you are a continent away. We interviewed half a dozen realtors in the process of making the decision to sell our home. It wasn’t until we were 6,000 miles away in Europe that we decided to sell. We had been impressed with Penelope’s effervescent personality, her vast knowledge of the Willows neighborhood, and her resolute professionalism, so we e-mailed her from Europe asking if she would get our home ready and put it on the market without us being there. She acted quickly to get the house in order, get all the inspections done, prepare all the disclosures, and start showing it. Meanwhile, she kept us completely updated by e-mail throughout the whole process. Just a matter of days after our return, the house was sold. Her excellent organization skills and her thoroughness helped her get the job done and make it very easy to recommend her to anyone looking for an outstanding Realtor.
David and Charlotte DeMoney ~ Sellers
Saturday, December 8, 2018
It was clear from the beginning that Penelope was the one we wanted to go with. When we were looking to buy our first house, we considered over half a dozen agents. We were impressed with her expertise, professionalism and enthusiasm. We looked at houses with her every weekend for months. She never pressured us into making an offer on something we weren't comfortable with, and she gave us pep talks when we needed it. With her help, we were able to find our dream home. Penelope was also instrumental in helping us sell our condo. She helped us stage it, scheduled inspections, and was even home for them when we couldn't be there. The condo sold in less than one week for more than we had hoped for. We couldn't have asked for a better agent, and we can't imagine using anyone else. Now, she is not only our Realtor, but also a good friend.
Seppi and Liz Lin (4 transactions) ~ Referred from an Existing Client
Thursday, September 27, 2018
We can say without reservation that we would not have found this home if we did not have Penelope representing us. When the time came for my husband and I to buy our first home we knew we needed an aggressive real estate team with established market experience who were trustworthy and supportive. It was Penelope’s tenacity and her grass roots understanding of the Willows neighborhood that allowed us to make an offer on a home before it was listed. We were literally about to give up when she found us the perfect home. She is knowledgeable, experienced, committed and so easy to work with. We highly recommend her for anyone looking to buy or sell their home. She really is fantastic and we are proud to call her our first friend in the neighborhood.
Lea Redmond and Jake Averbuck (6 transactions) ~ First Time Home Buyers
Thursday, June 7, 2018
Penelope will represent YOU, not just try to get the transaction over with. I rejected two offers that were not at my asking price. That did not deter Penelope, she beat the bushes for a buyer. Her steadfast determination and thorough knowledge of the Bay Area Real Estate market resulted in the successful sale of my duplex. She is a creative problem solver, but unlike others extremely ethical. Her dedication and enthusiasm for her work, as well as for life, is clear. Penelope has boundless energy. I thank her for her tireless work in preparing my duplex for sale, holding it open, and finding a buyer to meet my sales price goals. It seemed there was no limit to her capacity to help out, from talking to my tenant, to hiring contractors and actually coming to the house to oversee the inspections in my absence!
David Speer ~ Investor Seller
Wednesday, March 21, 2018